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The algarve is known for its picturesque whitewashed towns, beaches, and colourful flora. The surroundings were ever inspiring with hand painted tile and birds of paradise everywhere I looked. Staying in the scenic town of Praia da Luz, I never ventured far to find a beautiful picture to take. With hillside views of the bluey green water and cloudless skies, I enjoyed jetting away from the rather cloudy London skies that often keep me wishing for sun.

Faro is the airport for the Algarve, and is accessable through many low cost airlines. The A22 is the main road that connects the different towns within the Algarve and, for a small toll you can easily hop between them. If you are an avid golfer, the Algarve is a "golfers paradise", complete with many champion golf course to choose from. 

The following is a small guide from my previous trip:

Cabo de Sao Vicente - "The End of the World" - a once mystical retreat for those who thought this was the end of the world, the Romans stated that the sunsets where larger here and that when the sun sank into the Earth it marked the end of the world. If you ever find yourself going, make sure to check out the various views along the way. Bring some extra money to shop the market stalls and pick up fresh orange juice!

Lagos - Wandering the cobbled streets of Lagos, you often see a mix of what used to be amongst bright graffiti and hand painted ceramics. Once surrounded by fort walls, you can explore the city centre freely as it is very walkable. There are endless opportunities to pattern spot vintage tiles and bright contrasting building colours.

Fortaleza Da Luz - Praia Da Luz - The old fortress is an amazing place for a lunch and dinner. With views of the rolling seas and the marbled rocks provides a juxtaposition that you can not get tired of. With an interesting past of keeping prisioners in the dungeon below and letting the tide rise with their cells, there is a grisly past within the Fortaleza that one is curious to know! If you find yourself there for a bite to eat, try the traditional piri piri chicken or for a fresh take, the pineapple chicken.

If you are looking for something a little different, yet easily accessible from almost any European city - the Algarve should be on your list!

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