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growing up in the caribbean, I have seen first hand how our surroundings are affected by us and the result of human nature. present day, sea sage aims to make better choices to improve the environment around us, whilst ensuring quality, durability, and style. our swim collection is made from a sustainable techno-fabric which is produced from regenerated fishing nets that have been left abandoned on our coral reefs. all of our signature prints are also digitally printed, which helps to reduce wastage both on fabric consumption and the process of transferring the print to the fabric base. another bonus of digital printing is that it uses less water resulting in limited wastage. carrying on the ethos of reusability, all of our products are packaged in reusable cloth bags which act as the perfect travel companion!  

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hurricane irma relief • turks & caicos


being from the turks and caicos, I have certainly experienced my fair share of storms and hurricanes - however, nothing like what irma has done to my home and surrounding neighbours.  sadly much of the country has been devastated through irma. everyone has been affected and now the community is banding together to rebuild and welcome back those who love the turks and caicos and those who are yet to discover its beauty. 

for the next week, beginning today, sea sage will be donating 30% of our sales to HIRTAC in support of the work they're doing for those affected by the storm. I am inspired by the spirit and resilience of my community and am grateful to be able to help in this small way to give back to the community that has given me so much.

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